what are you doing in there?
why do you hide?
why do you wear that blindfold,
that mask, that costume
a prince in beggar’s robes
you were born to shine
you were born to leave your footprints
on this ancient earth
consecrated, till eternity
but where are you lost?
i can hear but whispers
of your deep shrounded soul
shrouded, in fear, and uncertainty
clouding the sun of your rare spirit
sometimes it finds a crack,
a little hole
in those cumbersome garments of yours
and sparkles through, like a star
on a black night, a diamond
flashing, momentary
and your mind is suddenly
filled, with a vision
from some distant time,
an unknown era
place, people
voices, like a prophecy
and you the prophet
and you the king
and you the commander
you the rebel, you the martyr
you the savior, you the saint
it is only, figments
of a fanciful imagination
your love of fairytale and fantasy,
and all things unreal
nothing more.
and yet, somehow
that voice lingers, that vision
that fleeting picture of wishful glory
that unspoken desire
for immortality
in heaven and on earth
why do i think beyond myself
why cannot i be satisfied
staying where i am
within the realm of practicality, possibility
medicore success?
because you were not born for that
you were not born for mediocrity
you were born for greatness
in all its great and sublime glory
in all its splendor and brilliance
in all its valor
in all its humanity
in all its godliness and grace
just for once, let yourself loose
let yourself uplight, and free
doff that dervish robe
of torpid humility –
it is not for you
and emerge, in all the golden glow
in the storm and shower
in the shimmering hero-livery
of your true self.

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