“How to Make Friends in a New City” – Published on BootsnAll!

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Dear readers,

A stroll on Paseo del Prado on a wintry March morning

My recent series of blogposts, recounting my (mis)adventures as a fresh-off-the-boat expat in the splendid Spanish capital of Madrid, was published today as a feature article on BootsnAll, the largest and most popular online resource for independent travelers! Of course, I’m muy excited about it, and would love for you to read and share the article with your friends!

How to Make Friends in a Foreign City – Essential Tips from a Nueva Madrileña

And thanks as always for your patience with my protracted disappearances. I’ve been up to many things, and I’ll recount them to you in due time :)

Abrazos from Madrid,




One thought on ““How to Make Friends in a New City” – Published on BootsnAll!

    NS said:
    May 20, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Great article! I moved to Toronto last year and had the good fortune of meeting up with family and some childhood friends who were already present there. Otherwise I would have lost my mind. Looks like you successfuly landed one of the hardest jobs possible as an adult: making friends. Your advice gives me hope if I ever move to an unknown spot on the map and don’t know a single soul. Well done:)!

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